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art : erosion

art : rotodrawings

experimental typo


a forest conservation project /// 100 tin can over few weeks of gathering every can is named by it's content. cuvée 2013 for posterity. CLICK HERE to see this project's video

a forest conservation project /// i used reclaimed tin can, from a previous project i did with Paprika. i walked a canadian forest, just north of vermont. and sampled everything i could. 100 tin can over few weeks. for posterity. CLICK HERE to see pictures related

timelapse of decay room. click HERE to see BEFORE pics. and HERE to see AFTER pics. /// music : ricky eat acid

6 months of accelerated decomposition. a special roof was setup to let the rain and weather pass through /// une pièce spéciale munie d'un toit perforé permettant à la pluie de pénétrer à l'intérieur. 6 mois de décomposition accélérée. You can see HERE the pictures of DAY-1. and HERE to see timelapse.

in progress. a small room set to change over time. following the white room / dirty room project /// nouveau projet en cours. dans la lignée de white room : une petite pièce déterminée à se dégrader sur une période de temps. click HERE to see the aftermath. and HERE to see timelapse.

the machine is completed, working and doing exactly what i needed /// le cylindre rotatif aura pour effet de sabler idées et objets. je vais faire un appel à tout bientôt pour obtenir de petits objets.

watch and understand the whole process behind white room / dirty room /// video explicatif du procédé mis en oeuvre derrière white room / dirty room

spongy books? miaou. one year underground did the trick. some of the books were so soft, we couldn't dig them out. après un an sous terre, les livres étaient de vraies éponges. certains sont restés sous terre...

two holes, one year apart. the whole idea was to put a living room underground for a year. and experiment /document the deterioration on objects. le résultat fut impressionnant. saisissant.

this was the location of where the room was first shot. and re-shot one year after after a trip underground.

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