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experimental typo


Un souvenir effacé par le passage accéléré du temps. Noir au Nord a été présenté au public pour la première fois en sol européen dans le cadre d’une exposition à Paris en avril 2015 à la cité de la mode et du design. Une machine austère, noire et destructrice est actionnée par l’artiste. Pendant la performance, deux cables enduits d’encre noire sont mus dans un va et vient vertical.

Suspended rotary machine. Six "arms" have each a series of 26 holes associated with the alphabet. By inserting pegs, accordingly spelling a word or a personal message, the user generates in some way an encrypted message that will be reproduced on a huge roll of paper held to the ground.

Making of drawing amsterdam

In the path of Drawing Montreal, Drawing Amsterdam was completed in summer of 2014. It took months to design, build and test the drawing contraption in Montreal, Canada. The cargo-like machine was shipped to the netherlands. Hauled behind a bicycle, It is designed in such a way to power and spin bits of graphite over white paper.

hell of a good project in amsterdam. few pictures of the show and prep. More to come.

I designed a pocket-size contraption, made to record the energy of school kids. From age 6 to 10, every kid was given a record-tube, into which waited a piece of paper and a moving bit of graphite. As a necklace or in the deep of a pant's pocket, the device draws the days of the kid. Some are so excited, some quiet as a falling leaf... every drawing is unique and depicting the sole energy of the kid. 200+ drawings were gathered over a 6 months period. Thanks to everyone involved in the making. The whole project, making of and art will be presented at Dampkring gallery, amsterdam, this summer.

ROTO DRAWING, picture says it all. literally.

Recording tubes. From montreal to amsterdam. many thanks to Agnès, Alfonso, Sandrine and Greg for what's coming next...

A new experiment is on it's way. Will record a pure kind of energy, coming up...

The rotation of the wind turbine, fixed in the trunk of a pickup truck is affected by speed, inclinaison, acceleration and breaking. By traffic flow and pavement quality. the whole unit records every subtle change of the road over time, on a large sheet of thick white paper using sticks of graphite to generates layers of shades and circular patterns. Each journey thus producing a unique design that are infinitely delicates. larger diameter of drawing indicates high speed, while small and dark circles indicates mostly high traffic areas. 20 large drawings were produced.

CLICK HERE to see the machine and video

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