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art : rotodrawings

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Drawing the streets of Montreal began more than a year ago, following the project Drawing Distance, completed in 2012. this second wind-powered drawing device was designed to explore the idea of road distance related to art, by recording short distance trips on paper. Montreal in this case, in Quebec, Canada. The project was achieved after driving over 400 km of streets, boulevards and back streets. North-south, east and west.

roto is on the go again! alfonso! c'est ce que vas recevoir trèèèès bientôt. on s'appelle et on déjeune.

the drawing contraption in action. i posted this video back in march, but here it is again. CLICK HERE to see the project's photos

rotodrawing are individual works on paper that are produced by electric - or wind-powered contraptions
Started over a year ago, this new iteration of rotodrawing came to completion. a large rotating device, hung from the ceiling above a large eight foot tall paper, generates random-hits art. A drawing head mounted with hard pencils is revolving around a central axis. CLICK HERE to see video

fast spinning gouache bar, dropwise addition of water, slow layering of frantizimal spits of ink... the whole process created a slim, textured and very tall line of black on white. real nice /// une rondelle de gouache fixée au moteur, tournant à haute vitesse pour créer une grande ligne de brume noire. sur très grand papier.

new project and new contraption. hanged from above, this time, they are really free to move, creating a unpredictable result /// les moteurs sont suspendus, sans toucher à la feuille, donnant un résultat tout à fait non contrôlé.

see the machine itself in details and the paper outcome. a continuous in the rotodrawing series /// la machine. trois petits moteurs électriques terminés par des segments de graphite. Les dessins produit sont de petite dimension, en continuité avec la série rotodrawing.

a new contraption running on 3 small and fast spinning pieces of graphite. result is great and black... the pictures of art and of the machine itself later this week.

my newest rotodrawing. creates much larger drawings. a slow paced contraption. toc, toc, toc, toc...