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art : erosion

art : rotodrawings

experimental typo


font created using another "magic" wire. wires are cool. special thanks here to friend Alfonso who had the idea of providing this special-fx wire. works good! thanks dude. /// typo faite de lumière, de tubes, de clous...

just did this shape-based font. black and white, and simple.

experimental alphabet.

j'ai toujours voulu mettre au point une encre de feu. voilà. c'est pas au point, je n'en ferai plus, mais quel plaisir à essayer! /// i always wanted to make a burning ink, so there it is. not perfect, no. i will not do it again, but damn! it was cool!. music : flying lotus : dance of the pseudo nymph

NoYouWont is part of visual experimentation i do. Using special wire, plaster, paper, prints and power, i created this series of descriptive burning taglines. As long as you think you can do something, a burning reminder blows you dream off. CLICK HERE to see all the lines individually.

the actual font, based on the shield-spray test i did earlier /// l'alphabet animé, créé en filmant les lettres sur trépied, en suivant le principe testé la semaine dernière. CLICK HERE to see the early test /// musique : forss-soulhack(sonar kolektiv, 2003)

7 pictures in detail page, don't miss it. created with precisely punched holes and cross marks, using big markers and sliding paper /// gros marqueurs, papier troué, mon dernier alphabet animé. musique : Hecq - Scatterheart, Flood me. Ne manquez pas ce post, l'inspiration de celui-ci... merci à gustave!

This typo was created using 6 basic shapes that i turned into "buttons", magnetic, not fabric. By swapping the shapes, i could create the 26 letters /// en utilisant 6 formes de base, j'ai pu crééer une série de macarons magnétiques qui, changés adéquatement, ont créé les lettres de l'alphabet.

Une animation d'aimants à frigos. C'est sur mesure, bien entendu, fait à la main /// Animation creating all the alphabet letters. UPDATE : some people had viewing issue, on mac. sorry for that, i uploaded a revised video, if it continues to glitch, please let me know, thank! : info@fxstg.com

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