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experimental typo


Closing this project, i did the whole alphabet and various pieces. Involving laser cut steel, ammo, thin paper, friends and a lot of fun over all. If you missed the other parts, clich HERE for the early test, and HERE to see the video of one letter being shot. HERE, you will see the whole type family.

Laser cut shield to create shotgun typography - Letter F. The result are great, the rest of the alphabet is in the making. I used a .12 shotgun to blast turkey beads into this thin cardboard. The steel shield is 1/4 inch thick, but still, it was bended on the impact.


Typo created using .12 shotgun? indeed. I am currently processing all the pictures, but this is mostly how it was made /// Typo faite par un calibre 12? effectivement, et ce petit extrait montre en gros comment faire... Les photos du processus complet très bientôt...

need to say more? Silkscreen print maybe, it was used to make a bunch of t-shirts.

This steel welded machine was created to support the "half way" letters. One part of the letter (helvetica black, by the way) is ghosted away on paper, when the other part is bodied on transparent plastic sheet. When you press the red button, a tubular bulb re-creates the letter in a Chinese Shadows kinda way.
You can see the simulated effect by clicking here : ANIMATION!
Or see few examples of dislocated letters here : LETTERS!
IF you want to hit the old man, go to page 60.  -- just kidding.

This machine was intended to be produced in "large" amount, 26 to be precise. I did the prototype, which is working pretty as planned.

Ink and paper.

Animated J. Created with spray paint and camera.

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